A hub for Centrists

May 13, 2014

The Centrist Project believes that both major political parties have made promises to their most extreme members. So while you may feel  at home in one party or the other, you have to wonder — why don't we take the best of each party, and discard some of the things we know just don’t make that much sense?

To share their message, the Centrist Project wanted to create a clean, simple website to serve as a hub for pragmatic centrists, with a donation page, forums, ideas and ways to get involved. Featuring Centrists’ stories and easy ways to connect and spread the word, the site is fully mobile responsive, designed to connect the “constructively dissatisfied.” 


Veracity worked with the Centrist Project to get the site up and running quickly, so that supporters across the country could come together and rally behind good ideas and great candidates. Donation pages for centrist candidates were built in along with membership pages. A blog, custom animation, and calendars served to spur people to action. The site, like the organization, has a pragmatic, solutions-based functionality.

Let Veracity help you engage, activate, inform, and inspire your community.

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