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Falchuk for Governor

March 11, 2014

Evan Falchuk is the United Independent Party's candidate for Governor of Massachusetts. Around the country, and especially in Massachusetts, people are ready for a new style of leadership, and Evan's experience and independence from traditional two-party politics promises real innovation in the statehouse.

Falchuk for Governor has brought on Veracity Media to develop and implement a comprehensive digital strategy to reach voters throughout the state with the message of the campaign and enlist support for their movement. Learn more here.

Veracity Tools

October 15, 2013

If you’re one of the thousands of NationBuilder customers around the world, chances are you got an email last week from NationBuilder CEO Jim Gilliam announcing the official launch of NationBuilder’s App store.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched three NationBuilder apps building upon this incredibly powerful campaign platform—available instantly to anyone already using NationBuilder.


The three apps (the blog importer, the blog editor and the voter targeter) are firsts of their kind. We’re the only NationBuilder architects that have developed apps for NationBuilder’s platform, and we plan to continue to expand our toolkit to help campaigners around the world do their work more effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Here’s what our apps do:

Blog Importer: Many organizations are moving to NationBuilder, but most of them already have websites up and running on other platforms. The blog importer saves you time in your website transition by allowing you to import all of your blog posts (including authors, tags, images, etc.) to NationBuilder from WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MODx, or other platforms in the quickest and most cost-effective possible way by integrating directly into NationBuilder’s API. (Note: Veracity can also transition your entire website to NationBuilder)

Blog Editor: This tool provides a simple and convenient way for you to edit all of your blog posts in bulk. Headlines, SEO excerpts, published dates, authors, and tags can be easily updated with only a few clicks, saving you time, and allowing you to optimize your blog posts on major search engines.

Voter Targeter: Our voter targeter takes your NBEC (NationBuilder Election Center) voter file and calculates a unique voter-turnout score for every voter in your district. Our turnout algorithm looks at voter history, voter registration information, and demographics to determine the likelihood that someone will vote in the next election. This makes every aspect of your campaign more effective: volunteers know which doors to knock, vendors know where to focus mailers and phone calls, and campaign managers know what parts of town are more important to hold events in.

To learn more about Veracity Tools, or to get started using them, fill out the contact form below.

for the Common Sense Coalition

October 07, 2013

Going viral is all about timing.

As the nation awoke to a government shutdown last Tuesday, voters around the country started to see the real-world consequences of Washington gridlock. Channeling the anger with Congress, Veracity Media managing partner Ryan Morgan thought he’d share his frustrations--feelings that are apparently shared by a few others.

The Common Sense Coalition, whose 200,000 person strong Facebook page we manage, is an organization that hopes to break down the polarizing barriers  and gridlock in Congress by advocating for common sense solutions.

The Common Sense Coalition, whose 200,000 person strong Facebook page we manage, is an organization that hopes to break down the polarizing barriers  and gridlock in Congress by advocating for common sense solutions.

Ryan posted a simple yet evocative image, playfully calling for the laying off of all 535 members of the House of Representatives and Senate - the result was something remarkable.


By the end of the day, the post had gotten over a 600,000 likes, and 48 hours later, the image received it’s 1,000,000th like--a feat accomplished only two other times in Facebook history, both by President Barack Obama.

This truly viral post, viewed by 20,000,000 people (over 16% of the nation) speaks to the truly incredible reach of social media, and this shows what can happen when you hit the right audience with the right message, at the right time.  Had the post been made one day earlier, voters wouldn’t have seen the effects of the shutdown, and if it was made a day later, someone else would have seized the moment. Also, the post generated 12,000 likes for the page, worth $24,000 to the organization, at the standard advertising rate of $2.00/like.

That’s why it’s so important to have a team that understands what it takes to go viral, and that's what we do every day here at Veracity Media.

If you’re interested in having us manage your social media accounts, drop us a line below.


Mapping your endorsements

August 30, 2013

One of the most useful NationBuilder features for political campaigns is the endorsement tool. In-district voters, community leaders, and organizations can publicly pledge their support. Normally, these endorsers are just added to a list, and over the course of a campaign, this list just gets longer and longer. That's fine if you only have ten names, but a list of 500 is unprofessional and not very useful.

Here at Veracity Media, we take a more 21st-Century approach. That's why we've created a dynamically updating Endorsement Map that shows all of a Nation's endorsements, updated in real-time. Your supporters can add their information and instantly see their endorsement appear on the map. This is a great way to graphically demonstrate your support, especially given the fact that our tool clusters endorsements together so visitors can see how many endorsements are from a given area.

You can also set featured endorsements that have their own special map icon, and even show custom content like a video in the individual endorsement popups. 

Try it out below, and if you'd like to use it for your own organization, drop us a line!

Organizing your website pages in NationBuilder

August 28, 2013

Some of the political and non-profit world's biggest players are using NationBuilder to host their website and manage their supporters. And with big organizations, we find that they often have several people publishing pages, uploading posts, and creating content on their website.

The NationBuilder CMS only displays 30 pages in it's control panel view before paginating or sub-dividing the view into multiple pages, and I've seen organizations with four, five or even six "pages of pages"; once you get  dozens or even hundreds of pages in a nation, it gets to be a lot to keep track of. You'd be surprised how quickly the most organized site can become cluttered just through regular use.

It wastes organizers' valuable time to have to search for a page to edit (I don't think we need to cite the frightening statistics we all know on a personal level about how much time people spend "searching" when trying to complete work in our information economy age), and clicking through to find what you want can be infuriating. While you can search by page slug (in the top right hand corner search bar), sometimes these slugs can be very similar, or you might not remember the slug of the page, just the name. Going back to the live site to copy the slug when you are trying to edit multiple pages is just plain inefficient. 


Here at Veracity Media, we've been using subpages and page tags to keep our clients' sites organized and to keep pages from getting lost. Unpublished pages in NationBuilder can serve as folders for other sets of live pages. One example is where an organization has different sign-up forms for different programs, e.g. a separate signup page for each field office. Rather than having these sign-up forms scattered among your main page display, you can keep them all neatly organized as sub-pages of a "signup_forms" page. This master page can be unpublished, and serves only as a place to house the other pages, just like a folder on your desktop would. 

Page tags are also underused in NationBuilder. We use page tags for some of our more advanced websites, creating home page feeds or displays of other featured pages on the website, but you can also use page tags as an organizational tool for your CMS. Page tags work just like regular tags on the database side. They're dynamic labels that group sets of pages together. The NationBuilder CMS display in the control panel has a handy drop-down filter that allows you to sort by page tags. We used this system to organize pages by staff (who may be responsible for updating them), by action campaign (the blog post, the petition page, the thank you page all for a particular campaign, etc.), or by campaign cycle. For the latter, as candidates and political organizations begin to own their nations for longer than one cycle, it becomes important to be able to distinguish the platform 2012 page from the platform 2014 page.


To someone who is just beginning to use NationBuilder and hasn't cluttered up their CMS yet, this can seem like overkill, but after some time creating blog posts, events and regular pages, you'll see how these simple organizational practices can turn into a lifesavers. And the best advice we can give, on almost any topic, is to begin keeping things organized from the start so that you don't have to back through and retroactively organize your information at an inconvenient time. 

If you have any questions about this, want to learn more about what we do and how we can help your organization work more efficiently, drop us a line at Happy posting!

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer

July 18, 2013

Mayor Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken, NJ, just launched her new website for her 2013 re-election campaign. 

Veracity Media, in addition to building this gorgeous, fully responsive, NationBuilder site, is assisting the Zimmer team as they plan a campaign strategy for the Fall that utilizes all of the latest tools that are available.

Visit Dawn & and her team at:

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander

July 08, 2013

Jason Kander, the Missouri Secretary of State and the youngest statewide elected official in the country, is not only committed to transparency and accessibility as an official and candidate, but also wants to take advantage of cutting-edge organizing tools. 

The Veracity aspect: Veracity Media was brought onboard with the campaign to design, a clean, responsive modern site to not just provide a stop for people to find information about Jason, but also to empower their campaign. Built on NationBuilder, Jason's site presents visitors with easy to find information and tools and provides campaign staff with easy access to fundraising, organizing and messaging tools that allow them to communicate more effectively with their community.

Visit Jason:

Adult Education Advocates: From zero to 60 in one month

June 20, 2013

With more and more adults expressing interest in heading back to school, Adult Education Advocates and their “roadmap to success” helps people not only find the right program for them, but walks people through the complex world of applications, financial options, and provides planning for the future. 

The Veracity Aspect: Veracity Media can help kickstart a brand new organization’s digital outreach campaign. By creating a fresh, clean looking website that get’s right to the details, and putting the right tools in place behind it, Adult Education Advocate’s custom approach to each and every client is more effective. In addition, by using direct and informative advertisements on Google Adwords, Veracity Media has helped engaged clients typically outside the reach of a new organization like AEA.

Visit Adult Education Advocates:


The Citizens Campaign

June 20, 2013

The Citizen’s Campaign is a statewide organization in New Jersey dedicated to empowering everyday people to make a real difference in their communities, as well as providing citizens with toolkits, online classes, and resources to help make an ordinary citizen an extraordinary leader. The Citizen’s Campaign has helped overhaul dozens of laws in towns and cities across New Jersey, including comprehensive pay-to-play legislation, and various municipal ordinances focused on government transparency and cost-savings.

The Veracity Aspect: In 2012, Veracity Media launched the new Citizens Campaign website on NationBuilder. Now, the Citizens Campaign is able to better identify and target specific supporters working to bring change to their communities and engage them through the website’s classes, toolkits, and best practice resources. Through action campaigns, targeted and segmented email communication, and developing a strategy that is responsive to events supporter’s needs, Veracity helps The Citizens Campaign draw in their audience of supporters and help bring grassroots change to New Jersey.

Visit the Citizens Campaign:

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