Veracity Media teams up with The Can Kicks Back to build a new website with elegance and impact

October 24, 2014

The Can Kicks Back’s mission is “to educate, organize and mobilize young Americans in order to promote a sustainable, generationally balanced federal budget.” Formed in 2012 by five millennials looking to get more of their generation engaged in fiscal issues, TCKB works to inform young Americans who stand to lose the most with the growing generational imbalance of the federal budget.

Can Kicks Back Homepage

Veracity Media teamed up with The Can Kicks Back to build a new website with elegance and impact -- something that matches their enthusiasm and passion. Using NationBuilder as the base platform, we built a mobile-responsive website with a modern, engaging design that displays pertinent information clearly.

Making the debt sexy is no easy task, which is why we worked closely with the TCKB team to create catchy designs that make the consequences of an unsustainable fiscal path relatable to Millenials. For folks who can argue CBO vs. OMB baseline projections, these young people have an eye for modern images that articulate financial information more approachably that does a spreadsheet in grayscale. With the new designs, their web presence uses visual content to simplify complex ideas and make them relatable.

Veracity is proud to worked with TCKB on such an important cause. In addition to website development, we worked with them to reframe messages so they are easier to understand to stakeholders with less technical backgrounds. The Can Kicks Back can now discuss innovation, infrastructure, economic growth, and taxes easily with anyone who is interested. The economic concerns Millennials and Gen Z coming up behind them are important, and through our work, we hope to gain the eyes and ears of the American public.

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