Consider This

When it comes to Mississippi, most people are likely to think of great BBQ and ferryboats long before they think of reproductive liberty and education. However, thanks to a new initiative from The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi, a new organization by the name of Consider This, is looking to change that. Veracity Media was given a wonderful opportunity to design, develop and launch the website for the new face of Women's Foundation.

The goal was to create a dynamic website that would could draw in new visitors and also be routinely updated. To achieve this objective, our development and design experts worked to fully utilize key components of the NationBuilder platform, to create an intelligent site that would be able to identify users who had previously “opted in” and those who had not, while keeping in line with today’s latest best practices. The result is a two sided homepage design that encourages new visitors to sign up in the Consider This database, and then a second homepage that recognizes supporters and directs them to the latest news and events of the organization.

Hop over to, sign up and see for yourself!

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