Re-Electing the Congresswoman from California's 6th district

November 11, 2014

Congresswoman Doris Matsui -- one of California’s most well-liked elected officials -- reached out to Veracity for a new look for her re-election campaign. To start, we designed the campaign a new logo that captured Doris’s engaging, yet hard-working, personality.


In conjunction with the logo, we launched a sleek, interactive, and mobile-responsive website for the Congresswoman from California’s 6th Congressional district.

The new website is well organized and makes it easier for constituents to stay connected and find important information, including local events, voter registration information, and campaign updates. More importantly, the website and logo we designed allows Doris to communicate with her constituents in a personal, yet effective, way. Veracity is also taking point on digital strategy for Doris, crafting content, and making use of the Congresswoman’s new website.


We’re proud to be working the Congresswoman so she can better serve the people of California-06.

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