Getting the Best Results From Social Media

December 02, 2014

Your organization may have a social media presence, but do you have a strategy behind that presence? At Veracity Media, we work to create effective social strategies for our clients because we know that the best way to create a powerful social media message is not just to be genuine, but to have a coherent strategy behind your efforts. A social media strategy can’t live on its own, it has to be an active component of your organization’s overall message. We’ll sit down with you to drill down your goals and refine your message.

Do Your Homework (Research!)

Many brands that start posting to Facebook and Twitter do it without knowing who their core audience is. They know who they want to talk to, but they don’t always know who is listening. This is where research comes into play -- finding out which messages and pages are attracting an audience receptive to your organization’s mission.

Knowing where to start is the first step. Developing content for a small audience seems tedious, and it takes a great deal of time to gain results. In this regard, what works on Facebook may not work on Twitter, forcing platform-specific content which may mean targeting existing hashtags to carve out a niche on Twitter, or creating advertisements that draw new people to your Facebook page. These types of smaller-scale strategies are incredibly important, and need scalable big-picture thinking in order to get results that stick.

Develop your digital strategy

Many organizations and brands post to Facebook and Twitter for the sheer purpose of generating new sales, creating new leads, and growing their emails lists, but moving the ball forward on these goals isn’t always easy.

One strategy discussed in Micah L. Sifry’s book The Big Disconnect: Why The Internet Hasn’t Transformed Politics (Yet) is that social media can be most effectively used to ‘soften up’ an audience, making them more receptive to being contacted on other fronts, such as by phone or email.

A new audience might see that the organization is active in their state or city, or that they are advocating for laws and policies that they agree with on Facebook and Twitter. They might add their name to petitions served to them, but in order to actually volunteer or donate, they might need a more targeted email, a personalized Tweet, a phone call, or some other method of interaction.

This idea of using social media to soften up an audience also means data needs to be consolidated and understood.

Analyze Your Results

Creating a plan and taking action is one piece of the puzzle, and analyzing the results is the next. In order to reach a goal, individuals are going to likely be entering a “sales funnel,” or a “ladder of engagement.”

This can appear as a weekly report, saved filters, easily accessible tags and lists that can be followed up with, all depending on what the goal is.


Keep doing what is effective and don’t be afraid to be creative and take risks. Would it make sense to do a dynamic push around one subject tied to your mission over another subject? Why not both? A gut check is if you are excited about your message -- your audience will be, too.

Tying It Together

Effective social media campaigns have great content, great results, and teach unique lessons on how to capitalize on its success in the future. These campaigns also tie into an organization’s overall digital strategy, and its overall mission. On a fundamental level, if the organization’s mission doesn’t match up with what appears on social media, then there’s been a failure to communicate.

This failure can take many forms, from having bright, coordinated, and exciting content falling into a vacuum and being ignored, or the wrong audience being engaged, creating negative responses that then create a PR nightmare.

The importance of reaching the right people means a higher likelihood of future action on their part, be it votes, volunteering, donors & sales, email signups, website visits, and event RSVPs. The benefits of a coordinated campaign that reach the correct audience are endless.

Veracity Media’s social media work pulls these threads together. There are many different ways to communicate a message on Facebook and Twitter, but few ways to communicate it well. Keeping a balance of all the different forces, from audience makeup to the mission of an organization, and everything in between, a message is always carefully crafted before it’s released.

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