Working on the Orman for U.S. Senate Campaign

December 04, 2014

The political world was turned upside down late this summer when Kansas’s U.S. Senate seat turned competitive. Greg Orman, a local businessman, running as an independent, bucked the two-party system and ran a positive, issue-based campaign challenging the status-quo. What was considered to be a cakewalk for a strong incumbent turned into one of the most closely watched races in the country.

Veracity was a part of the campaign from the very beginning. As a part of the kick-off for Greg’s campaign, we built a state-of-the-art, mobile responsive website that was called “strong," and "well-designed,” by the NRSC.  We drove the digital strategy on social media and email for the campaign, and the campaign’s Facebook growth was noted in the Kansas City Star.

We also expanded the universe of voters for the campaign. Most political campaigns have pre-existing party infrastructure that can provide a significant amount of information for the district or state the candidate is running in. Orman’s independent campaign did not enter the race with that advantage. By running highly targeted digital ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords, Veracity was able to define a brand new audience, pulling in Independents, Democrats, and Republicans alike who weren’t able to find a home in the traditional two-party system.

Though Senator Roberts may have won his reelection, Greg didn’t lose. Getting over 40% of the vote as an independent in a state that has elected only Republicans to the Senate since 1932 is no small feat. Our work to activate and engage these voters who, before now, didn’t have a candidate or movement to attach themselves to, went a long way towards changing our political system for the better.

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