Guest Blog: Getting Outcycling’s Digital Infrastructure Up to Speed

May 11, 2015

Veracity Media foreword: Sometimes an organization will come to us with a problem requiring a holistic solution. Outcycling’s executive director Graham Weinstein contacted us in 2013 looking to update the organization's website and online membership platform. What ensued from there was a multifaceted approach of updating the organization’s website, system for collecting online memberships, and overall digital marketing strategy.

OutCycling was established in 2009 as 501(c)(3) nonprofit sports entity with a mission to participate in, support and develop amateur athletes for sports events worldwide. Since then, we have grown to become one the nation’s most popular LGBT-friendly cycling organizations with more than 1,000 individual members, supporters and friends. Our motto is “Fun, Fitness, Friendship, for all.”


One of our partners in this growth, since 2013, has been Veracity Media. Their strategic and tactical consulting and development expertise has positioned us to systematically integrate our communications, events calendar and social media campaigns on the NationBuilder platform. Specifically, we were pleased with their deep knowledge of how to customize various NationBuilder functions in order to accommodate our specific member tracking needs. Now, Outcycling members can submit rides to our calendar, those rides are viewable be regular users of our site, but one must be a member in order to RSVP.

Previously, we had an e-mail list and a Facebook page. We are now tracking more than 1,000 individuals across 4 distinct membership categories, each at a different payment level, as well as lapsed members and new prospects. Understanding and tracking relationships with different types of constituents, helps us to better target our communications, analyze the programs that are most popular and build stronger relationships across our community.

Our Twitter and Facebook profiles have attracted hundreds of new followers and engagements. More riders are consistently showing up to more events. And, we’re on track to double our membership revenue for 2015.

With a more engaged constituency we’re also experiencing more success in attracting institutional funding. Durex and Pfizer Corporation now each provide support at the $10,000 level and we have more than $30,000 in outstanding grant requests.

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Veracity Media to realize even more functionality of the NationBuilder platform, including sub-nations, as we grow our cycling club in the months and years ahead.

Graham Weinstein
Executive Director

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