Introducing: Builder

July 14, 2015

What is Builder?

Builder does one thing: builds websites on NationBuilder. The tool is loaded with pre-built website components, along with a toolkit that lets us customize the look of the site, and the ability to export your site to NationBuilder. Veracity Media can build you a custom website with your organization's logo, color scheme, and font -- in days, not weeks.

Builder's components are action-oriented, working hand in hand with NationBuilder's unique tools to encourage your users to get involved with your organization. Our organizers will work with you to develop a design that speaks directly to your target audience's needs. Using Builder, the turnaround between wireframe and fully functioning website is shorter than ever before. Builder combines the speed and simplicity of a pre-made theme with the customization options of a bespoke website, and it's only available from Veracity Media.


Use Case: Iron NationBuilder

The first iteration of Builder premiered at Iron NationBuilder, a 45 minute website building competition using House of Cards as a subject.

Using Builder, Ryan Morgan, Veracity's CEO, was able to put together a fully functional, mobile responsive, and engaging campaign website within the 45 minute time limit. If we can build a site for Frank Underwood in less than an hour, imagine what we can do for your organization.


Check out the site here!


What does it mean for your organization?

If you need a campaign website for your candidate yesterday, or your non-profit is on a budget and you need a flashy, mobile responsive website, or your company needs to upgrade its outdated web presence: Builder is for you.

Interested in seeing what Builder can do for your campaign, organization, or business?


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