Mapping your endorsements

August 30, 2013

One of the most useful NationBuilder features for political campaigns is the endorsement tool. In-district voters, community leaders, and organizations can publicly pledge their support. Normally, these endorsers are just added to a list, and over the course of a campaign, this list just gets longer and longer. That's fine if you only have ten names, but a list of 500 is unprofessional and not very useful.

Here at Veracity Media, we take a more 21st-Century approach. That's why we've created a dynamically updating Endorsement Map that shows all of a Nation's endorsements, updated in real-time. Your supporters can add their information and instantly see their endorsement appear on the map. This is a great way to graphically demonstrate your support, especially given the fact that our tool clusters endorsements together so visitors can see how many endorsements are from a given area.

You can also set featured endorsements that have their own special map icon, and even show custom content like a video in the individual endorsement popups. 

Try it out below, and if you'd like to use it for your own organization, drop us a line!

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