Primary Election Night!

June 04, 2014

Last night, the Veracity Media team gathered together at the office to watch primary election results pour in from across the country. With candidates in primary elections in three states, what ended up occurring on election night was an affirmation of the sheer power that an organized digital campaign can have in drawing in voters, volunteers, and donations.  

Digital is often seen as a micro-component to campaigns, when in fact our experience has led us to believe that it’s more of a meta-component – influencing every aspect of the campaign from messaging, field, fundraising, events and more. Although there are always nearly limitless factors influencing any particular race, there is no doubt how much of a difference truly comprehensive digital field makes.

Sandra Fluke, a nationally-known activist, lawyer, community leader and candidate for California State Senate, beat out six other candidates to advance to the November general election. With a cutting-edge and accessible website filled with dynamic and interesting content, a robust digital engagement strategy spanning from social media to field, our team was able to help channel her existing name recognition, experience and ideas to help turn out new volunteers, donations, and most importantly: votes. Despite being outspent 2 to 1, her campaign won an extremely tight race, beating out her opponent by less than two points. Sandra knocked on a lot of doors, as did her volunteers, but when your race is down to a few points, your digital game can put you over the top.

Using popular but often overlooked platforms like DailyKos - where Sandra quickly became viral and one of the top shared first posts on the site’s history - she gained momentum through leveraging petitions, online town halls, and creative calls to action. 

Digital campaigning also made waves at the national level, where Ro Khanna--a long-time Veracity client --advanced to the general election. Unlike Sandra, who started with national name-recognition, Ro faced an uphill battle against a long-standing incumbent with far greater name recognition. In addition to a tremendous ground game and volunteer army, his digital efforts, encompassing social media, advertising, mass messaging and an interactive website, greatly contributed to raising his profile, from almost zero to nearly 27% by primary day, allowing him to handily advance into the elections on November 4th.

We at Veracity Media are also honored and proud to have worked with candidates and champions who, in spite of their momentous dedication and hard work, did not advance to the general election.

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