Ryan, Veracity's CEO, is a political strategist and full-stack web developer. Ryan built the website for Hillary Clinton's book Hard Choices, and has consulted for Airbnb, the Aspen Institute, Malala Youszafi's non-profit,, Representatives Beyer, Lujan, Matsui, and Senator Cory Booker, among others. He has served as a senior advisor on several prominent campaigns, from Ro Khanna's disruptive run for Congress, to Sandra Fluke's campaign for State Senate, to Greg Orman's scrappy Senate campaign--where he both got the campaign national attention through polling strategy, and raised $250,000 online.

Ryan is fluent in front-end website design, full-stack website development, social media strategy (where he made the fourth most liked Facebook post in history), online advertising, voter modeling, and everything in between.

When not holding down the fort at Veracity, Ryan is probably running or making bad jokes. 

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