We design and build out, ranging from template-based quick turnarounds, to deeply custom, elegant, responsive designs that make your cause or campaign truly stand out.


Get to know your supporters. Taking the most cutting-edge tools and practices and merging databases into unified and helpful supporter records means you know how to leverage greater fundraising, engagement and support. And through an advanced digital field program, we’ll help you connect your online to your ground game.


Build your supporter base by using social media more tactically and tactfully than you thought you could. We'll help you set goals execute social media engagement plans that bring you closer to your community.


Captivating stories, powerful images and links to relevant online media drive your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, emails and all other platforms. And we won’t just help you write and format your content. Using cutting-edge micro-targeted advertising platforms and strategies, we’ll make sure your message gets to where it needs to go.


Our mission is to make your organization successful. We can take a fully holistic view, providing insight into workflow, budgeting, personnel development, goal setting and more -- leaving no stone unturned, so you can achieve impact where it matters most.


Sometimes your team needs an objective, experienced, outside perspective to help you leverage a new opportunity. Utilizing our team’s diverse experience and commitment to social good, we can help you create a roadmap: from technology implementation to policy analysis to goal-setting and more.

Let Veracity help you engage, activate, inform, and inspire your community.

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