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April 01, 2014

Sandra Fluke has lived and worked in California for years, building coalitions, advocating for legislation, and securing the passage of bills that will change lives for the better. Now, Sandra wants to bring a fresh perspective and a new generation of leadership to the California State Senate. Learn more about Sandra’s campaign.

As the Supreme Court argued the Hobby Lobby case on March 25th, Veracity Media worked with Sandra’s campaign to develop a rapid-response social media plan to share her message. First, we built a petition page that clearly stated her positions. Over 1,000 people signed it in the first 24 hours, and her accompanying social media posts had hundreds of shares. Sandra’s tweets and images were also in Twitter’s top twenty posts for the hashtag #HobbyLobby, a trending topic that day.

Keeping your message in the forefront of the conversation isn’t easy, especially in the rapidly changing world of social media. Translating support from online engagement into petition signatures is even harder. Veracity can help you move your campaign’s supporters from social media support to more active participants in your campaign.

With innovative online social media strategies, expertise in voter outreach and targeting, and the best web developers in the field, Veracity Media is a different sort of consultant. Communication between all digital parts of a campaign is crucial in converting a Facebook Like into a needed vote, and Veracity Media provides a service unlike any other. We can help your campaign create successful engagement like Sandra’s petition.

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