Something Substantive is Happening at Veracity

December 10, 2015

Veracity Media has created a new Premium website theme: Substance. Built and designed by our very own Clara Beyer and Mike Brophy, Substance is something we at Veracity are very excited about! I had the opportunity to speak to Veracity’s Creative Director, Mike Brophy, about what it was like to design Substance and what he finds most important and fun about it.


Something Substantive is Happening at Veracity


Mike explains that Substance is, “A really solid, fully thought-out, strong theme for the clients we have.” Substance is built around a Material Design model, created by Google in 2014. “The whole theme is based on Material Design,” Mike said. “Even the name--Substance--is a play on that.”

Material design in itself is an exciting new development in UI design, and is a direct response to the reigning Flat Design model, which rejects any display of depth in a digital platform. Material design, “addresses that a 2-D screen can still have depth,” and it displays this depth in a familiar, logical way. Mike stresses, “It is a very clean way to present content. It’s minimal without being overly simplistic.”

When asked what he liked most about Substance, Mike responded, “It is beautifully responsive. It looks good on any device at any width.” This is so important when trying to reach people on multiple digital platforms. Mike is also really proud of the animation he and Clara Beyer, lead developer of the theme, were able to incorporate, like the wave animation that takes place when you click a button.

Mike went on to say, “One of the great things about Material Design is the color pallet. The colors are bright, eye-catching, and engaging. There’s a lot of opportunity for high resolution imagery to shine.” Mike is also excited about the text fields in Substance. The fact that labels do not disappear when one clicks on a text field eliminates a lot of potential for confusion and missed opportunities, when many of us are often at least somewhat distracted when surfing the web.

Substance is the newest Veracity Media innovation. We are proud of Mike and Clara for creating such an effective and beautiful theme. And we can’t wait to put it to good use!

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Teddy-web-sq.jpgTheodora (Teddy) Alexander is currently a senior at the University of California Santa Cruz, studying international foreign policy and interning with Veracity Media for the fall. Her major field of study is Sociology, and she is interested in learning how technology can be used to enhance social justice. She has previously worked as a program assistant in transformative after-school programs, and has interned with Unite HERE!, a hospitality workers’ labor union. Teddy is excited to learn about the world of digital campaigns, and is prepared to contribute a fresh perspective to the team.

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