The Citizens Campaign

June 20, 2013

The Citizen’s Campaign is a statewide organization in New Jersey dedicated to empowering everyday people to make a real difference in their communities, as well as providing citizens with toolkits, online classes, and resources to help make an ordinary citizen an extraordinary leader. The Citizen’s Campaign has helped overhaul dozens of laws in towns and cities across New Jersey, including comprehensive pay-to-play legislation, and various municipal ordinances focused on government transparency and cost-savings.

The Veracity Aspect: In 2012, Veracity Media launched the new Citizens Campaign website on NationBuilder. Now, the Citizens Campaign is able to better identify and target specific supporters working to bring change to their communities and engage them through the website’s classes, toolkits, and best practice resources. Through action campaigns, targeted and segmented email communication, and developing a strategy that is responsive to events supporter’s needs, Veracity helps The Citizens Campaign draw in their audience of supporters and help bring grassroots change to New Jersey.

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