The Franklin Project

In support of institutionalizing this civic spirit for generations to come is the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project. The Franklin Project counts on the support of service organizations and luminaries from around the country in its effort to make a national service year a cultural expectation and common opportunity in America.

Veracity Media recently had the privilege of teaming up with the Aspen Institute and the Franklin Project team to deliver the initiative a new, state-of-the-art website.

The gorgeously designed Franklin Project site features big, visible “call-to-action” style content on the homepage, as well as several dynamic featured content displays and a completely custom Twitter feed. The site boasts interactive features like a custom video page and endorsement form for members of the military who want to pledge their support for the initiative.

Veracity is proud to have worked with this innovative team to deliver a website that will help them spread the word, as well as the ideals of national service, across the country. We’re firm believers in civic duty, and we also believe that this project will help the Aspen Institute ingrain a civic spirit that can engage American society for years to come.

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