Twitter and SEO

August 27, 2015

Google and Twitter are partnering up to put tweets in search results. That's a huge update, and it's going to change the way organizations with active Twitter accounts are viewed online.


What This Looks Like:

Recent tweets from an organization will be posted at the top of the search engine's results. A well-updated Twitter account is going to mean you have an opportunity to get in front of even more people, more quickly.

This follows the trend of more and more tweets being indexed in Google, and the lines between social and search becoming grayer and grayer. When an organization tweets something in a consistent and timely fashion, they will be much, much more likely to have their results appear at the top of their search engine results.


Just to make sure we don't make the entire blog screenshots from Google, here's another desktop search example, and here's a mobile screenshot example.

Are All Tweets Indexed by Google?

Basically, no. However, a July, 2015 study by Stone Temple claims that Google's indexing 466% more tweets than it used to, but still ignores 96% of all tweets.

Another way to look at that data is to realize that popular tweets now get even more popular. If your organization's Twitter account is active and has a high amount of social authority (a metric created by FollowerWonk), you will be more likely to appear in search results.

What Can You Do To Get This Feature on Google Search?

Invest in content creation, stay diligent, and be prepared to commit to a long term strategy. Success in social media is more than posting content - it's about staying timely and relevant, and keeping on top of shifting trends (for example, the topic of this blog).

A strong, well-oiled search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is just as important. If your organization's name and strongest keywords aren't appearing on the first page of Google, it's almost a moot point to worry about getting tweets to appear.

Maintaining both social and SEO will pay off in the future for your organization's brand. Building digital relevance and clout will only serve to benefit your long term goals, and will only help your digital goals.

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