UK Labour Party

Everyone has access to data, but having better access to organized data is what allows our clients to make the best use of their resources and time to help move their goals forward.

The U.K. Labour Party, one of the oldest and most reputable political parties in the world is already a digital leader, no stranger to cutting edge organizing tools and technology. For example, the party has set up NationBuilder subnations for each of the parliamentary seats for the upcoming election, giving each district a customized and unique website. But not all of the party’s supporters know about every site, or the volunteer opportunities that each site offers.

To help engage their supporters in the most efficient way possible, Labour brought in Veracity to create a custom, bespoke app that aggregates event data across the hundreds of their subnations. Using our proprietary library that accesses NationBuilder’s API, we aggregated data from the subnations connected to the Party’s main NationBuilder account, and built an elegant interface that makes finding events easy for website visitors.

Users simply head to, and put in their post (zip) code. Once they hit search, they’re shown a listing of events across the country, sorted both by their distance from the event, and by event importance. They can easily click through to the event on the subnation, and engage at a more local level. All the data transmitted to the subnations for every event, is of course aggregated back up to the main database automatically.

Veracity was the first firm to touch NationBuilder’s API endpoints, and with tools like our custom event aggregator, we continue to be on the leading edge of innovating NationBuilder. From other tools like our tried and true Wordpress blog importer, which has been used to build over two dozen unique NationBuilder sites itself, a beautiful mapping tool that works on pages like petitions and endorsements, and a voter file analysis tool, Veracity Media offers a comprehensive suite of applications to help you fully leverage of NationBuilder’s database.

Let Veracity help you engage, activate, inform, and inspire your community.

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