Veracity Media Goes to New York City!

September 03, 2015

This month, Alex Torpey and Aaron Straus Garcia are launching the company’s newest venture: Veracity Media NYC.



Both Alex and Aaron have deep ties to the city that not only doesn’t sleep, but is also home to the most creative and innovative minds in the civic, technology and leadership space. They will be working to leverage their experience, networks and distinct areas of expertise to develop and grow Veracity Media’s already robust service offering.

Alex and Aaron are focusing primarily on building strategic partnerships with organizations working in governance, leadership development, community development, economic development and policy advocacy. Veracity Media’s NYC team will help organizations, governments and people conceptualize long-term vision and goals of major social, political and economic impact, and help think through and implement the right processes that help them reach those goals.

Veracity Media’s NYC team is fully integrated with the existing Washington, DC digital-first team under the leadership of Ryan Morgan, offering the same quality and technically advanced digital strategy services that clients have become accustomed to.

Over the last several years, Veracity Media has built upon the company’s initial grassroots organizing expertise and experience to develop one of the most cutting-edge digital teams in the political and nonprofit space, now based in Washington, DC. Custom web applications, creative and effective project management structures and repositories of tested assets allow a talented team of creatives, designers, developers and strategists help craft effective messaging, outreach, organizing and online media plans.

In New York, Alex and Aaron will help drive thinking on governance, leadership and development through client work, thought leadership and knowledge building across sectors and in academic and research settings. Additionally through Rethink Leadership, Veracity’s NYC team will continue to network and support young leaders and nonpartisan leadership development directly in the civic space.

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